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Karnataka Bride Marries Beau In An Ambulance After Suffering Spinal Injury

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Exotic wedding destinations can’t hold a candle to this marital ceremony that took place under unusual circumstances in the heart of Karnataka. Instead of a decorated mandap, Netravathi, a final year nursing student got married to her beau in an ambulance in Chitradurga district, 200 km from Bengaluru. Her wedding attire was a simple nightgown instead of an elaborate bridal ensemble and she was lying on a stretcher throughout the ceremony.

The young lady and her new husband Guruswamy, a technician with a windmill project in Chitradurga, had decided to get married in a mass wedding. They first met a year ago, and had fallen head over heels in love.

Unfortunately, days before the wedding, Netravathi severely injured her spinal cord and broke her hip after she slipped and fell from a hill at the Chitradurga fort. The couple had met at the fort on 23 May, reportedly to sort out a lover's tiff.

After Netravathi's injury, the groom at first developed cold feet, but was then convinced by the elders to go ahead with the marriage. Once he had agreed, there was no deterring Netravathi. She had been moved to the Nimhans hospital in Bengaluru, but made it back in an ambulance to the wedding venue in Chitradurga on 5 June, where 23 other couples were waiting to be married.

The wedding was conducted by a pundit, known in the region for conducting mass marriages for inter-caste couples as part of his battle against the caste system. “No one should harm lovers, or try and break a love marriage, it is painful. Elders should bless their marriage and wish them happiness," he said in an interview with TOI.

Netravathi was shifted back to the hospital after the ceremony was completed. According to reports, doctors have said the young bride will recover in a few months, but requires careful attention. Even though she was evidently in pain, the bride expressed only her elation and support for her husband in another interview. “We pray to god that our married life should be happy without any hassles. I will support him in any difficulties and I trust he’ll also support me in every situation,” she said.

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