06/06/2016 1:15 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:24 PM IST

The Sun Couldn't Melt Them, But Your Two Words- 'Thank You' Will

Lipton Ice Tea

It's that time of year when we see a lot of conversation around the weather. How hot it is? How one cannot even think of stepping out. How the heat is getting unbearable. And how all one wishes for is to stay indoors with our AC on the lowest possible temperature to keep us cool. Now imagine the life of a Traffic cop- he, who sweats it out all day in the scorching sun, blaring horns, braves the heat waves, the dust storms and to top it all, the stinking attitude people throw at them. All this for what? To help the likes of us reach from one point to the other seamlessly. What do they get out of it? Nothing!

A Traffic cops job is not easy and there is no denying to that. Saying that it is difficult is an understatement. Their office is the busy streets of the city, their cubicle is that traffic signal and if they are lucky, their van. We crib with one boss while for them every body on the roads is their boss/ client, waiting to scream their necks down upon them. For them, there is no weekend, in fact the work load increases over the weekends and weekdays are no better. For them there are no festivals, no gazetted holidays, no bank holidays. Imagine working round the clock like that.

Despite all these odds, our Traffic cops work restlessly in these relentless weather conditions. But the most difficult of all the time is bearing the sun and there is no respite that they have. While they stand undeterred ensuring that we don't face any problems,the least we can do is thank them. Thank them for getting us home on time; thank them for ensuring our city runs; thank them for making the road safe for us; thank them for their effort and their selfless nature.

In one such attempt to show our gratitude towards them Lipton Ice Tea took to the streets and paid an apt tribute to these unsung heroes. With their initiative to say Thank You to the cops, they helped them beat the heat and take a refreshing break. This video here captures how the two words 'Thank You' melted their hearts. Join the conversation, say Thank You #100DaysOfSummer.