05/06/2016 12:07 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Mumbai-Pune Expressway: 17 Killed, 40 Injured As Luxury Bus Crashes Into Two Cars


MUMBAI -- Seventeen people were killed and around 30 others were injured near Panvel on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway this morning as three vehicles -- two cars and a bus -- fell into a ditch after the bus rammed one of the cars.

The mishap took place at around 5.30 AM, said Navi Mumbai police.

According to the police, a car was standing on the road as it had a flat tyre, and MUV, standing was behind it.

Passengers in the MUV had stopped to help those in the first car.

While the two vehicles had halted, a private tourist bus came from behind and rammed the MUV, which in turn rammed into the car. The three vehicles plunged into a 20ft deep road-side ditch.

All the three vehicles were coming from Pune.