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Urban Poor Or Not, Indian Millennials Are The Hardest Working In The World: Report

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Millennialls have been often, perhaps unfairly, labelled as entitled, self-absorbed, and lazy. But a global study by recruitment firm Manpower Group shows that while millennials are breaking stereotypes everywhere, millennials in India standout with their work ethic. Here's how Índian millennials fared:

1) They work the hardest: Indian millennials have the longest work week with an average of 52 hours. In comparison, Australian millennials had the shortest work week at 41 hours, and those in Mexico, China and Singapore worked an average of 48 hours. Globally, 73 per cent report working more than 40 hours a week, and nearly a quarter work over 50 hours, said the report. Over a quarter of millennials work two or more paid jobs, meaning they work as hard, if not harder than the previous generations, according to the report.

2) A bit too pessimistic: About 14 per cent of'Indian millennials think they will have to work until they die. This compares to only eight per cent of millennials in Mexico, and three per cent in Spain. Over a third of Japanese millennials expect to work until they die. Globally, over half expect to work past age 65, and 12 per cent say they will likely work until the day they die.

3) They have their financial priorities straight: Retirement policies matter to 85 per cent of Indian millennials, compared to 39 per cent of Japanese and about half of Australians.

4) They long for meaning: Eight in 10 millennials in India value working for employers who are socially responsible and aligned to their values. In contrast, only six in 10 millennials from Germany, the Netherlands ranked that as important. That is true for the majority of millennials globally who place a high priority on purpose.

Overall, instead of treating careers like an "ultra-marathon," millennials also seek variety, with 84 per cent reporting they will opt for significant breaks during the course of their careers.

Read the full report here.

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