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Here Are All The Scenes That The Indian Censor Board Has Axed From 'The Nice Guys'

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The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), led by the lone crusader of public morality, Pahlaj Nihalani, is at it again.

And this time, it's the Hollywood film, The Nice Guys, that has become a victim of the Board's notoriously holier-than-thou attitude.

The Ryan Gosling-Russell Crowe-starrer opened in Indian theatres today but it's NOT the same version as the one that released internationally.

The cuts are all there and they are brutal. The Shane Black-directorial, which has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from international critics, has been cut down to size by the Indian censors, with several scenes being deleted, words muted, and shots blurred out.

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Sources that HuffPost India spoke to pointed out that the film's Indian distributor PVR Pictures put up a fight and took the film to the Revising Committee (RC) after the CBFC's Examining Committee (EC) refused to clear it without multiple cuts.

However, the RC couldn't offer much respite to the makers of The Nice Guys and asked them to delete all the scenes that had nudity -- including one where a nude woman was featured on a poster, Scroll.inreported.

What's important here is that the film's opening scene, which shows a porn star getting into a fatal accident, is extremely crucial to the narrative (it sets the premise for the investigation by Gosling and Crowe's characters).

But that scene itself has been substantially trimmed owing to a fair amount of full-frontal nudity.

Dialogues like, "I am giving you a rim job" and "I am fucking your Dad" have also been entirely deleted while words like 'cock', 'balls', and any mention of 'anal sex' have been removed entirely (Note: these scenes have been deleted, not replaced by anything more morally abiding). published a snapshot of the Censor certificate which has details of all the scenes that the CBFC doesn't think the adults of this country are mature enough to watch.

Here, have a look.

HuffPost reached out to PVR Pictures for more details but they refused to share it citing 'potential loss of revenue' as the reason.

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