29/05/2016 7:24 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

PM Modi Celebrates Two Years Of NDA Govt, Says It's A 'New Dawn' For India

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivers a public speech to a crowd of mostly Indian nationals at the Singapore Expo, Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015 in Singapore. Modi is on a two-day official visit to the city-state. (AP Photo/Joseph Nair)

NEW DELHI -- Celebrating second anniversary of his government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said a "change" has come in the last two years through good governance and vowed to root out corruption and make life easier for the people who have been "looted" for years.

Without naming Congress, he accused the Opposition party of pursuing the agenda of obstructionism and expressed confidence that people can see through it and find truth.

Recalling the scams and scandals during the UPA governments including in coal block allocation, the Prime Minister said checking the menace of corruption is the focus of his government and people can see it when compared with that of previous dispensations.

"If we do not remember the work done during the days of the previous government, we will not be able to realise that what a big task has been accomplished."

"As long as we do not remember the work done during the days of the previous government, we will not be able to realise that what a big task has been accomplished," he said.

"I am standing before people of the country with satisfaction. We have been able to to get the trust and enthusiasm of people despite a very minute examination of our work. The trust of people is growing day by day. This also increases our confidence. I cannot say this about those for whom opposing us is necessary for political reasons. That is also natural. But I want to say one thing. On one hand there is the agenda of development (vikaswaad) and on the other hand is the agenda of obstructionism (virodhvaad)," he said.

Speaking at the the event "Ek Nayi Subah", which was held in talkathon format spread over nearly six hours with most of the ministers in attendance, the Prime Minister said that his government has not taken any decision with "malafide intention".

"Opposition is necessary for political reasons. On one hand there is the agenda vikaswaad and on the other hand is the agenda of virodhvaad."

Modi assured people that his government was working very hard and doing everything to live up to the faith they have reposed in him.

"I am here to assure you that we are doing everything to live up to the faith people have reposed in us. And the country has seen that no decision was taken with any malafide intention, no effort was spared in working hard and we have dedicated ourselves to people's cause by keeping their and national interest paramount.

"It is true that those who have pocketed money will face difficulties and feel the pinch. Who have pocketed it and when have they pocketed it is not my subject but it is the money belonging to the poor and will not be allowed to go to others," he said.

Giving figures, the Prime Minister said about ₹36,000 crore has been saved annually by plugging leakages in various programmes and said those who were benefitting from corruption are the ones who are feeling "hurt".

"About ₹36,000 crore has been saved annually by plugging leakages in various programmes."

"Some people tell me that I do so much work and yet face so much opposition and abuse. They advise to engage with media more and rectify communication strategy. How do I convince them that those who were beneficiaries of the ₹36,000 crore will abuse me when I have stopped this loot of public money," the Prime Minister said.

Modi said that the biggest change has been infusing confidence in people and working with commitment to fulfil their expectations.

Rejecting criticism by Congress, which has said that Modi government has done nothing in the last two years, the Prime Minister said the country has seen that his dispensation has spared no effort in working hard and totally dedicated itself to work for the nation and common masses.

"People are capable to find out the truth by comparing this agenda of development and the agenda of obstructionism. While every step taken by the government should be evaluated minutely, my concern is that nothing should be done which throws the country in an abyss of despair," he said.

Noting that sometimes he comes across criticism, which has no basis, Modi said that the evaluation of his government has to be done in the context of the functioning of the previous governments.

Claiming to have brought a transparent auction system for coal blocks allocation, he reminded that the previous government had got "defamed" due to corruption in this sector, which was widely reported by the media then.

The Prime Minister said that the importance of his government's efforts on this can be understood if it is examined why such a massive corruption happened earlier on this issue.

"Corruption is hollowing out our country hollow like termites. If there is one thing, which can shatter our dreams for developing the nation, it is this moth of corruption and we are committed to root it out," he said.

Detailing the government's achievement in plugging leakages, the Prime Minister said that a sum of ₹15,000 crore was saved by weeding out fake beneficiaries of LPG subsidies.

Modi said his government had also detected over 1.62 crore fake ration cards and listed some measures taken in other BJP-ruled states in this direction.

"It is only a beginning. It is a new dawn," he said, asserting that his government will continue with such measures in next three years of its term."

Noting that 1.13 crore people have given up subsidy on LPG on his call, he said it was remarkable as issues like whether to give nine or 12 subsidised cylinders per year had dominated the political discourse.

Modi said had he announced a power plant with an investment of 1 lakh crore, then it would be hailed as big news and some people would have wondered where the money will come from but the fact that his government is going to save similar amount of money with supply to LED bulbs to 500 cities, thereby saving 20 thousand megawatt of power does not make news.

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