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7 Yummy Tricks To Sneak Almonds Into Your Food Every Day

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They are the perfect snack, but people often give almonds a miss even though they are packed with wholesome nutritious goodness. “They are a source of 15 nutrients including vitamin E, dietary fibre, and protein,” says Dr Ritika Sammadar, regional head, dietetics, Max Healthcare. An almond – or rather 30 grams of almonds – a day will keep many things at bay including cholesterol, weight gain and high blood sugar.

It’s not exactly hard to grab and munch on a few almonds everyday, but it is an activity that tends to be largely ignored for other more delectable but nutritionally deficient options. There are however ways to sneak this power-packed item into your daily diet:

the Indian representatives from the Almond Board of California have shared seven ways that will not only ensure that you are getting your dosage of good fats every day, but also add a flavourful twist to your meals and snacks.

1. Toss a few slivered almonds to your salads and sprouts for that extra crunch.

2. Top your yoghurt/curd with diced almonds to round off your meal.

3. Sprinkle finely chopped almonds atop poha or upma for a nutritious snack! Or incorporate it into the recipe itself, like Kalyani Balaji, author of blogspot kitchenkathukutty has done.

4. Almond chutney makes for a yummy and healthier substitute to coconut chutney, and pairs very well with dosa, idlis and other chutneys. Follow simpleindianrecipe's version to get your hands on some. Alternately, you could also try incorporating your badaam in some dips such as these ones by Kathy Patalsky: they'll complement spicy or sweet flavours.

5. Skip the heavily sweetened haldi milk at night, instead add almonds to your low-fat, morning smoothie. Pair with some yummy mango in the summers, and ccarrot in the winters.

6. Tomato, mushroom and sweet corn soups are passé. Have you tried almond soup, Tarla Dalal or Sanjeev Kapoor style?

7. Stop buying almond butter. Just buy some almonds and grab a food processor. You'll also need to invest in some patience, but it's worth it if you think about the number of calories you're saving on.

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