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6 Weird Dating Apps

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There is an app for everything now, including of course, dating. In fact there are quite a few dating apps, and some such as Tinder, OkCupid and Grindr -- meant to connect seeking singles -- have found much success and recognition. And then there are some dating apps that are, well, a little unusual.

They claim to do anything from handling breakups to creating a fake partner for you. Let's check out some of the weirder ones.

1. Betterboyfriend

Things can get busy, so busy that you never realized when that anniversary or your loved one's birthday came and went, leaving disaster and wreckage in its wake. Or maybe the era of plenty, and plenty of choices, leaves you too confused about what to gift your partner on that special occasion. Well, worry no more for help is at hand in the form of Better Boyfriend, which will choose and deliver gifts for you. They deliver one gift per month, as well as on special occasions such as anniversary and birthdays. Helpfully, the gifts are categorized in three self-explanatory segments -- Tried and True, Extra Credit, and Quality Time.

2. Invisible boyfriend

If you want to play a prank on your friends or just want to ward off that annoying pesky suitor, now you can have a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend who will respond to your every message on chat. The website lets you custom create your partner from scratch, which includes the story of how you lovebirds met. You will even receive a personalised note and a valentine's gift from your partner.

3. Breakup Text

Breaking up is hard and it is harder to do in person. So this app will help you do it over text. You just have to select a few options such as whether you're breaking up with a girl or a boy, if you were in a serious relationship and the reason behind breaking up (Among the reasons you can pick is,"A bear ate me"). Looks like this app has a sense of humour.

4. Smart mattress

How to find out if your partner is cheating on you? There is an app and a mattress for that. A Spanish company has created a special mattress which detects movements real time to see if there is any suspicious activity. The app then will notify you if it detects any unusual tremors.

5. 3denr

Tinder is largely known as a hookup app, but this one has gone one logical step further. 3nder looks for curious couples who in turn are looking for a little adventure. The app has faced some criticism and recently, Tinder has even sued the app makers.

6. Twindog

Who doesn't love dogs? So there is a dating app called Twindog, based on the Tinder model. They try and match you with the other dog owners in the area. If you like the owner, or the dog, you can start chatting just as in Tinder and, hopefully, meet them. Woof!

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