26/05/2016 6:20 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:27 AM IST

Here's Rajinikanth And Kamal Haasan's 'Secret Pact' That You Knew Nothing About


Kamal Haasan and Rajinikanth are two of the Indian film industry's most successful actors whose individual stardom commands a humongous fan following.

Imagine the collective frenzy if the two megastars were to come together for a movie? No, it is not that they have never acted together, but they did so in the late 70s when their following wasn't as meta as it subsequently became.

A recent collaboration hasn't happened and there's a good reason for that. Turns out, Haasan and Rajinikanth are just like any other BFFs, with secret pacts and bro codes and as such.

There was a good chance that the two heavyweights will star opposite one another in Shankar's sequel to Robot(2010), but Haasan turned down the offer. The role was that of the film's antagonist, a part that is now being essayed by Akshay Kumar.

In an interview published by, Haasan spoke about the reasons for turning down the role and revealed that the main cause is a 'secret pact' between them.

He said, "Rajniji and I have a pact that, whenever we do another film together, it would have to be produced by either me or him. It's the only way to ensure we do not displease our fans."

He also added, "There was no question of taking up the part. I wouldn't have been part of this film under any circumstance and it's got nothing to do with the role being a negative one. I have played negative roles many times before. Besides, a big star (Akshay Kumar) is playing the part now."

In a previous interview to, Haasan had also stated that one of the reasons why the duo hasn't collaborated often is because it's not fiscally viable.

"If both of us are paid our remuneration, then where is the money to make the film a viable project? Why should you increase the film’s cost and make it a risky proposition?" he had said.

"Maybe both of us could come together for a guest appearance in a film if fans want to see us together. Why should we reduce our salary? If it’s for fans like I said earlier, I’m open to guest appearances but there is no necessity for us to act together in a full-fledged film," the Vishwaroopam actor insisted.

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