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In This Karnataka Medical College You Can Have Your Chicken And Eat It Too, But Not Inside The Hostel Please

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Display of chicken tandoor at food stalls outside Jamiatul Qureshi Masjid Camp, Pune(India). During ramadan there will be food stalls selling variety of snacks to break the ramadan fasting. It becomes compulsory for Muslims to start fasting during ramadan when they reach puberty.

A medical college in Karnataka has a strange unwritten rule that students have followed over years.

At the hostel of the Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences, a government institute run by the Department of Medical Education, whenever non-vegetarian food is served, the students go out to the open field to eat it.

According to a report in The Hindu, the cooks keep the containers with chicken curry and rice outside the kitchen so that the students can fill their plates and eat it sitting in the lawns or in the open field.

They cannot eat it in their hostel.

“We don’t know who started it. When we came here as students, our seniors went to the field whenever non-vegetarian food is served. We have been following this practice and never questioned it,” a student told The Hindu.

Among the 250 students in the hostel, there are about 150 who eat non-vegetarian food.

While there is no restriction on cooking chicken in the kitchen where vegetarian food is also prepared, it is not served in the dining hall.

While most students think it's a norm to eat non-vegetarian food outside the hostel campus, a few students find the rule strange. However, they say they don't want to raise their voice as it's a "tricky issue."

“We feel insulted as we are not allowed to have our food in the dining hall," another student told the newspaper.

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