24/05/2016 11:17 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Hrithik Roshan Wants You To Use This Deodorant If You Respect Women


The world has discovered a new catchphrase: 'Respect women'. If you are out on a date, the first thing you need to ask the guy is: 'Do you respect women?' If you are sitting next to the cute man on a flight, and don't know how to start a conversation, we have a suggestion. Ask him, 'Do you respect women?' And if your boyfriend proposes to you and asks you if you want to marry him, instead of saying, 'Yes!' just ask him, 'Do you respect women?'

This, by the way, is not to find out whether they really respect women. This is a test to check their honesty.

Confused? Just ask Hrithik Roshan.

A new advertisement that is going viral on social media tells you that if you are a 'real man' and 'respect women' you need to wear a particular deodorant. So if your date/boyfriend/cute man on flight says he 'respects women' don't believe him unless he smells of 'He Respect.'

In the advertisement, the 'Kaho Na Pyaar Hai' star decodes who a real man is. The world's definition of an 'asli mard', the ad shows us, is someone with six-pack abs, or an ultra-fancy sports car, or a long moustache, or a huge dog. But, we go on to find out, a 'real man' has none of these talents. Rather, what makes a 'real man' is the ability to stop a bunch of lads from taking an unsuspecting woman's photo with their mobile phone by breezily swatting off the offending phone and making it splinter into a thousand pieces.

This ability, it turns out, goes hand in hand with smelling a certain way.

"Hai respect to spray respect," is the message Roshan gives out at the end of the advertisement.

So now you know how to become sensitive and enlightened when interacting with women, junk your old deodorant and switch to ''He Respect'. Are we supposed to see this and say, ''Respect'?

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