23/05/2016 5:19 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

PHOTOS: Aashish Chowdhry's Maldives Vacay Will Give You Serious #TravelGoals


Ashish Chowdhry may have been last seen in a film years ago, but outside of work, the actor is totally living it up.

Known for appearing in movies like Daddy Cool (2010) and Double Dhamaal (2011), the actor is currently holidaying in the pristine island of Maldives with wife Samita Bangargi.

The couple seems to have had the time of their lives, as was evident in the multiple posts the actor put out on Instagram.

To begin with, the couple is put up in a place that looks like THIS.

A fine morning in that handpicked dream i continue to live in.. That Villa is one I'd wanna own.. #lilybeach #maldives #bestever

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

It looks even prettier from the inside. While most parts of India are literally melting under the sun, Aashish and Samita are slightly better off. Slightly.

My first morning here, and I wake up to this.. #magical #beautyonsteroids #firstrains2016 #lilybeachresort #maldives

A video posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

If indoors isn't fun, there's always...

Whoaaa! That's when you have experienced the mother of all water sports!! #mindboggling #lilybeach

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

A little bit of pool pampering is a must

And one last pic that summarises our awesome time at #maldives #lilybeach #holiday #beauty #peace #joy #rejuvination 👌🏻

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

Bliss is a word. What I feel is another thing altogether... #heavenonearth #lilybeach #maldives #myroom #mypool #mytime

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

Which should be followed by a casual stroll by the beach

Some pics spell everything right.. #moments #candid #magic #lilybeach

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

Because that's what cute couples do on a vacay now don't they?

#intransit #colombo Sleep-Eat-Sleep-Repeat mode..😄 N a step closer to doing it as pro's!😎

A photo posted by Ashish Chowdhry (@ashishchowdhryofficial) on

Maldives, expect a mass exodus from the Northern side anytime now.

PS: We looked up the rates for the place Aashish is staying at and *gulps* a night at the Deluxe Water Villas (or Money Guzzling Godzillas?) will set you back by ₹90,000 if you book months in advance. Also, charges for the seaplane that'll land you there will be, of course, another ₹53,000.

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