23/05/2016 1:36 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:32 PM IST

Sachin Talks About The Second Innings Of His Life


In association with digibank by DBS Bank, here's a sneak peek into Sachin's tryst with technology.

Remember the days you didn't have your smart phones to help you with your basic chores. Today online shopping, socialising with your friend and banking are just a click away. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar recalls that day when a computer was placed in his vanity van for the first time. Just like all of us had questions of how a computer or mobile can help us, he too was going through the same emotion. He still remembers those days when mobile phones were a luxury and he had to find a PCO to make a simple call. For many of us this is something we cannot relate to.

The cricketer is amazed how technology today has married cricket, in avenues as varied as strategy and sponsorship! He recollected how they laughed when a computer was installed in the dressing room for the very first time. He wondered at the time, How it could ever teach us how to bat. But soon realised its myriad benefits and huddled around it in excitement as it predicted different players performance based on previous stats. This excitement became a regular affair, as most teams adopted this process as a vital strategy.

Of course, what he loves most about today's technology is how absolutely convenient it has managed to make his life—something which he's come to appreciate even more as he begins the second innings of his life.

The biggest challenge he's currently facing off the pitch, is the array of different things his family has lined up for him to do! And it's this constant need to make the most of his time that made him appreciate technology for what it's worth - convenience!

While he considers the different apps that he uses to communicate, travel and order food a boon, he seemed most excited about online banking and specially discovering a mobile only bank.

"Sachin believes that the paperless banking offering clubs strong artificial intelligence with dynamic security processes.

It may all seem unreal but wait till you try out digibank. Watch this video and explore the world of mobile only banking. Looks like this is going to be a banking platform that everyone will be excited about. After all, it lets you live more, bank less."