19/05/2016 5:51 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:41 PM IST

Things You Don't Mind Running For

Sam Edwards via Getty Images
Mother and daughter holding hands and running on sunny beach

Okay, we know all of you are not the runner sorts and would do anything to ditch running. You don't need a major reason to avoid it... it just isn't your thing. But there are a few things for which we all wouldn't mind running. Be it behind your dog or from a dog; for a marathon or to catch a sale ending soon, we know you will not mind running for any of these. So here are our top five picks we know you would agree with too.

For A Cause

Running for a cause or to create awareness for something you strongly belive in is something we all like to do. Be it a cancer awareness campaign, an AIDS awareness campaign or even for female foeticide, you wouldn't mind running for something that moves you.

Behind Kids

No one can deny this. Kids can drive you up the wall, they leave you exhausted, they make you run behind them all day long, but whose complaining? It's undoubtedly the most fun type of running for all of us.

To Make It On Time

We know you've run and run a lot of times to make it on time for that dinner date. It's not like you didn't know you had to go for dinner but it seems you just love to take a run before the awesome night.

For Health

This is unquestionable. Running is one of the most effective exercise for every body type. Now we not talking about the speed here, but essentially to get each muscle of your body to work along with you for a healthy life.

Run With Your Partner

You may not be the health freak or the one who likes running but there are things we do for our partner- our loved ones. And if your life partner loves to go for a run then we are sure you'll accompany them. After all, couples who do things together stay happy together.

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