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Pulse Detected In Woman Just Before Her Cremation

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Computer screen showing heartbeat

In a bizarre incident, the family members who had gathered for the last rites of a woman in Mysuru were in for a pleasant shock when a relative detected pulse on her, moments before she was to be taken to the crematorium.

According to the family, just before she was to be taken for cremation, a family member held her wrist and was surprised to find pulse. The Basaveshwara Road resident’s heart was also beating at the time, according to family members.

After 59-year-old Padmabai Loda complained of uneasiness and breathlessness on Monday, she was rushed to a private clinic. The doctors, according to the family members, told them that the woman had suffered brain haemorrhage and had to be put on ventilator.

The family members of the woman however did not want her to suffer in the hospital and therefore took her back home.

“The private hospital can’t be so negligent, they have played with our emotions. We could never have forgiven ourselves if she had been cremated,” the shocked family members told Deccan Chronicle.

However, the private nursing home clarified that they had not declared Padmabai, wife of businessman Mahendra Loda, dead and no certificate was issued, The Hindu reported.

The next day the family members presumed her to be dead and even put out an obituary in a newspaper announcing her cremation on Wednesday.

“It was detected just in the nick of time. Had body been decked up with flowers, it would not have been possible for the relative to detect the pulse”, The Hindu reported, quoting Parashivamurthy, a supervisor at the housing society where the family lives.

Upon detection of pulse, she was rushed to another private hospital and she is being treated there now.

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