18/05/2016 1:55 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Runaway Bride Flees In Burqa While Husband Waited Outside Airport Bathroom Holding Her Purse

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Woman in a burka making a peace sign

NEW DELHI -- Last weekend, they were honeymooning in the Himalayan foothills. Now, the newly married husband is left holding his wife's purse, while she has fled, presumably with her lover.

On Monday, the Lucknow-based couple landed in Delhi after their honeymoon. While the wife went to the airport bathroom, her husband patiently waited outside holding her purse and mobile, according to reports. A few minutes later, a burqa-clad woman walked out of the bathroom, heading straight to the VIP parking area. Little did the man realise it was his wife, giving him the slip.

CCTV footage from the airport reveals that the woman, who probably had an accomplice inside the bathroom who handed her the burqa, left the airport terminal and met a man at the VIP parking. The two then met a third person at the taxi lane and disappeared.

No police case has been registered as the husband did not press a complaint.

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