17/05/2016 10:08 AM IST | Updated 05/08/2016 9:36 PM IST

Secret Ingredients Of A Dream Job Revealed

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Having a job that helps you pay your bill is one thing and having a job that fulfils your desire is another. But often the gap between a real job and a dream is often too large. But what are dream jobs made up of? Here, we reveal a few secret ingredients of a dream job. Now you’ll know what you should be looking for.

It Should Let You Grow

You don’t want to be stuck where you are today. After all it’s important that you grow and get recognised for what you have done. So the first thing you should look out for is how soon does the organisation help you climb up the ladder. And it shouldn’t just be the professional growth but also the personal growth you should be looking at.

Takes You Places

Well this may not be true for all kind of jobs, but, if you have a job that gets you to travel often, then stop complaining. You already have a dream job.

Leaves Are Never A Problem

Did your boss just turn down your leave request? We feel for you! It’s one of the most important ingredient of a dream job- one that lets you have a vacation without having to beg for it. All you need is a little time off every now and then to keep yourself rejuvenated.

Is Dynamic

It often gets boring when you are doing the same thing over and over again. A job that let’s you do something different each day can be a refreshing one. Even if it is meeting new people all day through.

Perks & Privileges

Now we know the kind of perks and privileges a sarkari job offers you. Imagine having those perks even with an MNC. See, even the thought of it gets us all excited. Holiday homes and guest houses across tourist destination is one that tops our charts of perks. A vacation where you don’t spend a bomb on your stay is the best vacation ever.

A Job That Cares For You

You may say this is another privilege, but really its something that has to be in the DNA of an organisation. Imagine you wanted to buy a car or a house and your organisation gives you the best possible concession on loans. Or because your office cares for you, you don’t have to go through the whole hassle of ‘how to do it’, all by yourself.

Gives You International Exposure

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you got the chance to work overseas with your organisation? And if you are in an organisation that gives you this kind of an exposure and opportunity, then you’ve landed yourself in a dream.

Sabbaticals Are For Real

This is something even the modern day corporates stay away from. But imagine if your job allows you to take a sabbatical without the fear of you having to loose your job. Dream job just went to another level right?

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