12/05/2016 2:28 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:46 PM IST

Signs You Need To Follow Your Passion

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All of us have our passions but not everyone gets the opportunity to do something they love. Often people end up choosing something that's a safe bet. But then when has life been fun without any risk? And if you have been feeling even one of the following, then it's time you take that risk.

Never Feel Satisfied

If what you do doesn't make you happy at the end of the day, then it's a sign you need a change. It's often said that you should do what makes you happy. So don't stay dissatisfied, switch to your passion now.

Money Alone Doesn't Matter Anymore

Money matters, no doubt about that, but not all the time. Have you been thinking of 'What more can I do?' or 'What are the other things in store for me?' If the answer is yes, then it's time you started to really think of what more can you do? Maybe giving a thought to pursue your passion won't be a bad idea.

Moments Of Regret

Do you find yourself thinking a lot more about how life would have been had you followed your heart? Or do you often regret not having done what you desired the most? If the answer to this is a yes, then please don't just think but get down to doing what you have always wanted to do.

You Feel Boxed Up

If your current job doesn't let your creativity flow and you feel trapped then, you need to change paths. You cannot and should not compromise on giving your best shot. You may have days when you feel blue, but if it is happening far too often, then give it another thought.

The Emptiness Is Eating You Up

You've been doing great work, have had your share of success... you're even being rewarded for all that you've done, but you still feel something is missing. And you've had this feeling for a while, then it's time you figured out what's missing.

While you may think it's easier said than done, trust us it'll all be much easier once you do it. Looking for inspiration? Check out the real life stories of people who stood up to do what they love on Signature StartUp. Attend a Signature StartUp Masterclass and you may find the spark to fuel your passion. And who knows you passion could just be the next big thing for you helping you turn your #PassionToPaycheck.