12/05/2016 1:18 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Kausalya, Whose Dalit Husband Was Hacked To Death, Attempts Suicide

Shankar and Kaushalya

NEW DELHI -- The wife a Dalit man who was hacked to death for marrying a woman from a higher caste, attempted suicide on May 11, but she has survived and is now at a government hospital in Udumalpet, Tripura in Tamil Nadu.

The NewsMinute reported today that Kausalya consumed poison in the form of a substance popularly used in villages to mix with cow-dung as an insecticide and color.

In March, V. Shankar, a Dalit man was beaten up and hacked to death in full public view, allegedly by members of the wife's family, who are from the Piramalai Kallar caste.

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