06/05/2016 2:22 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Modi Govt's New Swachh Bharat Ad Is A Definitive Guide To Desi Break-Ups


The Narendra Modi government has now come out with a definitive guide to break-ups. It involves less tears and songs than Kabhi Khushi Khabhi Gham and doesn't need you to lick household objects a la Miley Cyrus. Oh, don't be afraid, you're not needed to drown your sorrows in Patiala pegs of gau mutra either.

This intense, 30-second video isn't preachy or like anything you have seen before. It's a love story. It's clean. And will make your inner Pahlaj Nihalanis very happy.

So, a man ends his relationship with his lover. Since he is slightly old-school and has hard copies of their pictures together - not Facebook display pics which can be deleted with one click - he tears them up dramatically. Because what says 'break-up' more explicitly that tearing up pictures?

As the woman waits for this Photo Bhi Kabhi Girlfriend Thi business to get over, the guy puts all the pieces of her picture back into his pocket.

The girl looks clueless and maybe slightly worried even. So she asks him why he kept the pictures with him. Oh my god, what if he is the kind of ex who will stalk her even after break-up? And since he hasn't clearly heard of Facebook, will do so in person?

But turns out, girl lost a gem and had no clue about it. The guy couldn't throw the pieces of paper away because there was no bin in the vicinity and he didn't want to litter.

Don't ask for his number ladies, we don't have it!

This shuddh desi break-up saga, somehow, is also a Swachh Bharat ad. How? It comes with the following tagline: "प्यार तो गन्दा हो सकता है, पर देश नहीं" (“Love could become dirty, but my country can’t)”.

The advertisement, which has gone viral now, was shared by Maheish Girri, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from East Delhi, on his Facebook page.

When the Ministry of Broadcast and Information released the official advertisement of Swachh Bharat campaign, film director Ram Gopal Varma thought it is even worse than his movie 'Aag.'

Not sure if RGV is impressed with this one, but everyone in Balaji Telefilms surely is.

Watch it here:

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