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Jet Crew Member Injured In Brussels Terror Attack Returns Home

Ketevan Kardava via Getty Images
BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - MARCH 22: Flight attendant Nidhi Chaphekar (R) reacts in the moments following a suicide bombing at Brussels Zaventem airport on March 22, 2016 in Brussels, Belgium. Georgian journalist Ketevan Kardava, special correspondent for the Georgian Public Broadcaster, was travelling to Geneva when the attack took place, she was knocked to the floor and began to take photographs in the moments that followed. At least 31 people were killed and more than 260 injured in a twin suicide blast at Zaventem Airport and a further bomb attack at Maelbeek Metro Station. Two brothers are thought to have carried out the attacks and a manhunt is underway for a third suspect. (Photo by Ketevan Kardava/Getty Images)

Jet Airways crew member Nidhi Chaphekar, who was injured in the Brussels airport bombings in March this year and her picture became the face of the terror attack, returned to Mumbai this morning.

42-year-old Nidhi, who has not yet recovered from the injuries suffered in the terrorist attack, arrived at around 7.30 AM today on a Paris-Mumbai Jet airways flight and was driven to Breach Candy hospital from the airport.

Airline officials said Nidhi has low immunity and doctors have advised her to avoid contact with people.

On March 22, three bombs went off - two at the Brussels airport and one at Mallbeek metro station - leaving 35 people dead, including three suicide bombers.

Nidhi was on her way to board a Jet flight for Newark when the explosions took place. She suffered 15 per cent burns and fractured an ankle.

Her colleague, Amit Motwani, was also injured and is still recovering at a Brussels hospital.

Nidhi, who was treated at Grande Hospital de Chaleroi, about 40 kms from Brussels, was discharged yesterday afternoon and taken to Paris where she boarded the flight to Mumbai.

She spent about 25 days in medically induced coma at the Chaleroi hospital and underwent extensive skin grafting.

Nidhi, who is still wheelchair-bound, was accompanied by her husband Rupesh Chaphekar, and bother-in-law Nilesh Chaphekar, besides the airline's support staff and its chief medical officer.

She has been with Jet Airways since August 1996

Meanwhile, the Jet Airways, in a statement, said that Nidhi has made significant recovery from her injuries sustained during the blasts at Brussels airport.

She is in good spirits and is very happy to be back with her family, it said.

Nidhi will undergo treatment in Mumbai as part of the next phase of her recovery programme outlined by doctors, the statement further said.

Jet Airways continues to provide all the necessary support to Nidhi and her family during this time, it added.

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