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How A Plane Full Of People Gave A Kargil War Hero The Reception He Deserves

Rajiv Tyagi/ Facebook

Harish Nayani, an erstwhile IAF fighter pilot and now a Captain for Indigo Airlines, was on duty when he received the information that he had Naik Deep Chand, a 1999 Kargil war hero, who lost both his legs and his right arm in the war, on board.

He made an instant decision. On the plane's public address system, he asked his 180 passengers on board to welcome the war hero. To Chand's utter surprise, a plane full of people broke out in applause.

Nayani's delightful gesture was described on Facebook by one Rajiv Tyagi account and has since gone viral with almost 4000 shares.

Here's what he posted:

Harish Nayani, 62nd course, Kilo Squadron, NDA, erstwhile IAF fighter pilot, now a Captain flying for Indigo Airlines, had a war-hero passenger on his flight the other day.

Naik Deep Chand, who lost both legs and his right arm in the 1999 Kargil War, was flying Indigo. Harish announced the presence of the war hero on the flight, to the delighted applause of 180 passengers.

This is all the recognition war heroes need, for acts no nation can repay them for.

Here's his complete post:

This story was shared on Twitter as well.

And people expressed their happiness and congratulated the airline.

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