05/05/2016 9:31 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

These Pakistani Women Were Body Shamed Since They Were Kids. It's Heartbreaking

"I was told that the grave that had to be dug for me had to be pretty deep", "Moti..gaindi", "How will you get married?" "Because of you African kids are starving."

These were things told to kids by their friends and family.

Zainab Chughtai, a Lahore-based criminal lawyer, has made a video where Pakistani women revealed the ways they have been body-shamed and the effect it has had on them since then.

For some, 'looking into the mirror became a nightmare'. And many of these kids started hating their body. They wanted to become someone 'desirable'.

In 2014, Chughtai launched BullyProof, a social awareness campaign that addressed the issue of bullying in schools.

BullyProof was aimed at starting a conversation about experiences that had shaped the way people looked at themselves and enabling people to share memories associated with body shaming.

As a part of BullyProof, Chughtai holds sessions with young students and has addressed over 4000 students so far.

In the video, the women narrate their experiences as kids and how that affected their growing up years. However, they pledge that those harsh words won't affect them anymore.

"There's no perfect...I am perfect," said one of the woman in the video, confidently. "I won't let anyone go through what I through," pledges another woman. "I am enough in my own skin...I am beautiful."

Chugtai posted the video on her Facebook page, and said, "This is us taking back our own bodies, and owning our own skins. We are enough. I am enough. This is the beginning of something beautiful, and the first of many more such confessionals to come."

Watch the video above.

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