04/05/2016 6:05 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:49 PM IST

Things That Keep Us Going

Pawel Worytko via Getty Images
Colorful drink on the beach

Sometimes you look at that toy – you know that one which features in an ad for an alkaline battery. The one that keeps on walking and banging a drum, all because of the battery's lasting strength. And you think, am I really any different? If you have been eating more alkaline foods and it's helping, that's great, but most of us have to do something to counter a feeling of mental fatigue that sets in because our days are so hectic, they seem to pass by in a flash. Like the wise poet said, 'What is this life if full of care you have no time to stand and stare...'

So here are a few things that could help you hit the pause-and-refresh button from time to time.

Refreshing Breaks

For starters, keep a new joke-book handy and dip into it for at least three minutes every working hour. Few things lighten you up and comfort you like a silly joke or comic will. Or flip through your favourite 15 photos on your phone, letting yourself smile immersed in happy memories. Maybe listen to a favourite song from beginning to end on your FM radio on the phone, or elsewhere. Then again, you could sharpen your wits by playing a quick game on your phone – the repetitive actions can provide powerful relief to a tired mind.

Forty Winks

This is an ancient technique (no, it isn't meditation) of snatching 6-8 minutes of shut-eye, which has had such a successful history that it got rebranded as a "power nap". It is endorsed by powerful CEOs and even Heads of State. Designers have even created power nap couches for the hard working.

Read a Listicle

These are a modern innovation to refresh you in the middle of a busy day. Pick a tidy little list of practical tips from a jolly site (like the one you are in!) and glance through them. It gives your mind a few moments off, it provides information you can use, and what's more, you stay up to date.

Shake a Leg

A good way to get some respite during a hectic spell is to stretch a few key muscles — in the neck, head, shoulders and ankles — slowly. This is a way to unwind a bit during a day when you are getting knotted up with every passing hour. It isn't exercise, but the slow movements clear up your head leaving you refreshed.

Try Push-Ins

Likewise, there are people who get by quite well with rubber or sponge objects they can squeeze, or with things that administer gentle acupressure for a couple of minutes, which has an overall relaxing effect. Think smileys or silicone stress balls, or even some discarded bubble wrap!

A Summer Cooler

You probably know that muscles fare better with a good level of hydration and essential salts. If you are on the move for a good part of the day, make sure you imbibe enough refreshing drinks. A tip here – it'll work better for you if your drink has isotonic salts, which help your body to absorb the drink faster because they give the liquid just the right density.

But, if none of these work for you, how about a chilled refresher with a heady citric rush like Limca? It can be very handy indeed. Especially after that intense meeting or workout, it will go and hit your body's refresh button.