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Can't Fight Sleep? The Rock's New App Lays The Smackdown

Emma McIntyre via Getty Images
BURBANK, CALIFORNIA - APRIL 09: Host Dwayne Johnson speaks onstage during the 2016 MTV Movie Awards at Warner Bros. Studios on April 9, 2016 in Burbank, California. MTV Movie Awards airs April 10, 2016 at 8pm ET/PT. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)

Waking up in the morning seems almost impossible some days. In fact, sometimes it feels as if only The Rock might be able to haul you out of bed. And now you can recruit him—or rather an app released by him—to help you face the cruel light of day on time.

The alarm clock app, known as the Rock Clock, plays rousing motivational messages by the former wrestler. It features a total of 25 ringtones made by Rock himself—choices include a saxophone-based alarm called Beach Jams, a musical piece with his WWE catchphrases and an acoustic guitar-based "Good Morning Sunshine”.

From this historic day forward - I'm waking your ass up;). The #RockClock has arrived. This app is FREE. Download NOW in my bio. We've spent over a year engineering this app for you. Our goal was create a free, direct, uncomplicated, cool, motivating app to help us all get after our goals every morning. I also wanted to totally disrupt the traditional "morning alarm" system we all use on our phones. We created fun, cheesy bad assery alarm tones (yes, that's me really singing and playing guitar to wake your ass up;) and one of my favorite features of the #RockClock is the dreaded snooze button does not exist. Absolutely BEST part of #RockClock is that I'll be able to track all your goals and you'll track mine. We'll chase our greatness and kick some ass. Or get our asses kicked;) Either way, we'll do it together. Enjoy the free app, share your goals with me and world by using the hashtag #ProjectRock. I'll be shouting you guys out personally via video messages on this app, so let's chase our greatness, get after it and as always have some fun along the way. Aaaaand one more thing.. there's also a function where you sync your phone with mine and you wake up when I wake up. But your candy ass probably ain't ready for that kinda magical action 😉🦄. #RockClock #ProjectRock #ByeByeSnoozeButton #HelloGreatness

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The alarm clock has no snooze button so you can have the luxury of saying "five more minutes" to it. There’s no arguing with The Rock. There is also a feature called "The rock time" which will wake you up when Johnson wakes up. That might not be a very good idea as he wakes up at 4am.

The Fast and the Furious star will also post videos on the app to inspire people to follow a healthy lifestyle. The app is available both on iOS and Android platforms.

Several celebrities have been jumping on the app bandwagon. Demi Lovato launched an app that takes you on the “path to fame”. The Kardashian sisters also have apps on the store giving access to their personal lives. Back home Sonam Kapoor also launched a similar app recently.

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