04/05/2016 2:00 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 3:52 PM IST

A Person With Class Looks For A Class Apart Drive

Maruti Ciaz

Picture this — a light drizzle, a winding avenue, thick green trees, cool weather, soft music, and a glass of champagne. You kick back, put your feet up in plush comfort and soak in the rich splendour of the environment. What if this indulgence is an everyday experience for you — not just at home and holiday, but also in your driving experience? What if the wheels you drove, offered an effortless driving experience — as smooth as sipping bubbly?

Your car is your space, your cocoon that can envelop your soul and take you away from the humdrum of your daily drive. A sedan that blends classy with comfort, high performance with a head-turning contour, and offers a supple city drive is a dream come true. Given that city driving is getting increasingly gruelling, you need a car that is a stress minimiser if you want to stay cool and productive in your business. If your wheels don't give you a work-out well before you reach the gym, then you are in the right car.

Translating the space of a generous interior into comfort and lavishness is a matter of ergonomic design. A car either scores big time here or is just a mere sedan. So really, it all begins with size and it is true to say that size creates the sizzle. These sedans have spacious cabins, offer phenomenal leg room and storage space — both in the front and rear, and will click with high level professionals and families who live by their own rules. The interior aesthetics too, offer copious amounts of elegant appeal.

An automatic transmission feature takes the city driving experience to the next level. Choose a car that practically drives itself, gliding over bumpy roads on a soft suspension setup, giving you a relaxed drive, especially on low-speeds.

Must have advanced features like camera assisted reverse parking, keyless push start system, personal reading lamps, voice command integration, navigation, and rear sunshade ensures complete comfort. But the real cherry on the cake would be if your car offered an app that allows you to control the infotainment system through your Android or iOS handset.

Choosing a sedan that is spacious, has an appealing and elegant design, and blends luxury with comfort, does not leave you with many choices. A car that represents a whole new class in travel, and is distinctive in the sedan segment — that is the sort of thing that's going to echo stature and prestige. The new Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is a full-sized sedan that brings together attractive styling, spacious cabin space, and offers a smooth driving experience — like you are not driving at all. That's the essence of true luxury driving.