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This IIT Student's 'Smart Kettle' Could Make Brewing Tea Super Easy


How wonderful would it be if you didn't have to trudge to the kitchen in this heat and instead brew your tea right beside your bed? Ah okay, the electric kettle has been around for a while, but it has so far been able to boil water for you, not make great tea.

However, a student from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, is all set to change that.

Sachin NP has developed a kettle, which can be controlled via an app. This app can be downloaded on your phone.

The details that are available of the app as of now tell us that one can control the temperature of the water through the app. Called Ocha 2.0, if one puts water inside the kettle and schedules it for boiling through the app, the same will be done on time - much like setting an alarm or a timer through your phone.

The 'smart' kettle has two buttons, a dial, and a display to control the brewing. The Internet of Things (IoT) enabled device is connected with home WiFi, so you can also control it from anywhere via your smartphone.

“Not everyone prefers the same tea that we get from a vending machine. Now, this is not a problem anymore. Brewing tea is now an art. In the case of Ocha 2.0, I have redefined the rules as art follows technology,” Sachin told Hindustan Times.

“It can be operated by the user in two different ways. Either with the help of the mobile application that comes along with the product or with the help of the user interface embedded onto the product. The kettle comes with a central display console comprising a display button placed right at the centre of the console that helps in selecting the various options in the menu," he added.

He took a year to develop the design and improve it. He said that he came up with the name Ocha because it means tea in Japanese.

"Brewing tea is a play between tea dust, infusion rate, the quantity of milk, not the least the amount of sugar as well to give indeed a cup of perfect tea that tingles your senses," Sachin said in an interview when he won the A'design award.

An interesting feature of the kettle is that it can simulate the action of stirring. The maker said that developing that feature was the most challenging part. The kettle has a rotating platform that holds the glass jar in place with the help of an electromagnetic groove.

There are plenty of coffee makers out there which brews you a smart coffee with similar features. But a most of them are unavailable in India. Also, there is a lot of development in food tech from automatic juice makers to smart sous chef devices.

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