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This 19-Year-Old Daughter Of A Slain Indian Army Captain Will Leave Muslim-Haters Red-Faced

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Gurmehar Kaur was two-years-old when she lost her father. Captain Mandeep Singh died in the line of duty during the 1999 Kargil war. In a video produced and shared by Ram Subramanian, Kaur recollects her childhood.

Kaur's video is impactful in a quiet, strong way. Instead of speaking, Kaur does something way more powerful. She writes out facts about her life and her message on placards which she holds up one after another for the viewers to see.

Kaur says she has very little memory of her father. However, what she does have, is the memory of growing up without one. She remembers that she hated Pakistan and all Pakistanis. Apart from that, she also hated all Muslims, assuming they are Pakistanis and hence were responsible for her father's death. Understandably, a young Kaur made these assumptions based on the conversations around her father's death.

The one day, overcome with hatred, she tried to stab a Muslim woman in a burkha.

A section of people on social media often try to justify their irrational and dangerous hatred towards all Pakistanis and Muslims, by arguing that it is all of Pakistan which has taken the lives of several Indian soldiers. And since Pakistanis are mostly Muslims, they try to illogically paint all Muslims as enemies of India's freedom and its majority religion, Hinduism. While rational thinking would have made them see the hypocrisies in their argument, they often choose propaganda and hatred over reason.

However, Gurmehar, who actually lost her father to war, has the most rational, mature take on the issue. One can only hope that her video holds up a mirror to those spouting hatred relentlessly.

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