28/04/2016 1:08 PM IST | Updated 31/10/2016 4:02 PM IST

10 Things That Make You Want To Run

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There are various reasons why one would run. And then there are various types of run- some run away, some run towards something, some sprint out of a situation and some just run silly. Some run for a cause, some because it's healthy and some are just forced to take a run either for good or bad. Now that's the kind of running we will talk about. We bet one of the following reasons has made you run as well.

Chipkoo Aunty

Yeah! We know it. She is so chep. You wish you could run at winds speed.

Aunty Ki Beti

Come on now guys, be honest. One smile from that girl and you were running towards her. But this is a kind of running we know you don't complain about.

RGV Movies

We've said it! It's amazing how every film from RGV makes us all feel the same way...

Office Swipe- In Machines

This is a real devil one. A minute late and poof goes your half day.

All Day Meetings

Who likes these anyway? If given a choice you'd run like you were never to come back.

That Moment When The Boss Asks, "Who Can Stay?"

However fancy your job you still hate it when you are asked to work late.


If you are to lose weight try being around a kid for at least an hour a day. That's all you'll need. And sometimes it's like the kids love to make you run around.

A Boring Party

Sad music... no great company... not even good food! We bet you've run from a party like this and how. No amount of booze can convince you to stay.

Wrong Moment, Wrong Time

How many times have you landed yourself in a wrong moment at the wrong time? Didn't it feel like running was the only option?

Your Holiday Just Got Approved

Yay! No amount of running and jumping around the office can tell how happy you are. How many times have you done this?

Whatever the reason for you to run it surely leaves you thirsty. But guru #PhirHoJaShuru as Limca will always be there.