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Tiger Shroff Vehemently Denies Saying He Likes 'Housewife-Type' Girls

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Tiger Shroff, believe it or not, has suddenly become the talk of the town. However, one can't be sure if the one-film-old Shroff was really looking to garner attention this way.

The actor, who is busy promoting his soon-to-be-released film Baaghi, was quoted by a website as saying he wanted a 'housewife-type' girl.

During an interview conducted by Jahnavi Patel of, Shroff was asked what 'qualities' he looks for in a girl. He allegedly said, "I will get married to a girl from the village. When I reach home, I want a massage so that I can get relaxed. She should stay at home, keep the house clean and give me home-cooked food. I like girls who are the housewife-type."

Understandably, everyone found it difficult to believe that any straight-thinking person would air such primitive opinions in public.

Soon after, websites like Vagabomb called him out for his obviously sexist remarks. The website even wondered, 'Is this guy seriously a youth icon?' Thankfully, everyone knows for a fact that he isn't any 'icon'.

However, turns out that Shroff may not have made those comments in the first place. After articles slamming him appeared on the internet, Shroff took to Twitter to clarify that he had not made such comments.

He tweeted the following:

Then he whipped out the 'mere paas maa hai' card.

And finally, he said people who know him will know that he is incapable of making such a comment.

He even told Times of India, "This is ridiculous; please don't believe everything you read."

We reached out to the journalist for her comments on Shroff's denial and asked her if she had a recording of the interview. She had not responded to our queries when this article was published.

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