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All India Bakchod Explains Every Bar And Restaurant In India And It Is On Point


The comedy collective -- All India Bakchod or AIB -- came to national attention after their controversial show AIB Knockout or the Roast held in Mumbai last year on 28th January 2015. But despite having a roller-coaster journey, they found critical acclaim with their first ever show on television -- On Air With AIB.

Apart from the television stint, they are quite popular on YouTube with their channel currently having more than 1.5million subscribers.

Eight months after their last video (Every party song with Irrfan Khan), the group is back with their ‘honest’ series.

On Monday, they added, "Honest Bars & Restaurants" video to their already successful Honest series that includes -- "Honest Diwali", "Honest Indian Flights" and "Honest Indian Weddings" with a combined 20million+ views.

In the video, they mock the restaurant experience--the nostalgic, cockroach-ridden college bars with stained table cloth where students usually hang out. Then there are misspelt menus and the troubled waiters taking orders. And, let's not forget that sleazy middle-aged man who after several pegs spews sexist, misogynist, and condescending stuff.

There's also some old-school veg-shaming by meat eaters who force their vegetarian friends to consume meat with the classic Paneer samajh ke kha le dialogue.

Here are the 3 parts they uploaded on their channel along with the making of the video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The making.

Hope you smile all the way through like this guy.


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