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Happy 43rd Sachin! Social Media Reminds Us The 'Little Master' Has Always Been A Legend

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Every time Sachin Tendulkar would walk to the pitch to bat, the entire stadium would roar with one chant -- "SACHIN, SACHIN". The batting maestro is the only cricketer to have hit 100 international centuries (51 Test and 49 ODI). The "God" is probably one of the major reasons why cricket is almost like a religion in India.

On Sunday, the 'master blaster' celebrated his 43rd birthday in his hometown Mumbai in a very special way. Sachin spent his birthday playing cricket with children from Make-A-Wish India.

He posted a video on his official Facebook page:

While the batting legend celebrated his birthday by playing the sport he loves the most, social media didn't stay far behind in the celebrations and trended #HappyBirthdaySachin hashtag on Twitter.

Here are some tweets that remind us Tendulkar has always been a legend.

1. From one legend to another.

2. Nostalgia time, guys.

3. Legend indeed.

4. The farewell speech that left every Indian cricket fan teary eyed.

5. *Goosebumps*

6. He was unstoppable.

7. Priceless.

8. Humility is his middle name.

9. The words that kept us going.

10. God looking up to his god.

11. Who doesn't remember this match!

12. And the celebrations have just begun!

13. Kaif joins the party!

14. The legend bows to his master.

15. Sachin knew what was cooking in bowler's head!

16. BCCI arrives to the party.

17. Most down to earth cricketer ever.

18. True.

19. Oh the effortless glorious drives.

20. Bhajji knows it.

21. Best.

22. And some fun reads by Harsha Bhogle.

There's no doubt that Tendulkar has always been a legend. Take a look at his first ever interview.

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