22/04/2016 11:57 AM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Here Are 7 Years Of Google's Breathtaking Earth Day Doodles


Today on the occasion of Earth Day, each time you visit the Google homepage, you'll come across one of five 'doodles' created by Google.

"Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22, may be the one day that transcends culture, language, and tradition," says Google's doodle-er Sophie Diao.

The vastness of Earth’s diversity is an intimidating topic, but Diaos chose to highlight Earth’s five major biomes (including the one above):

A red fox in a forest:

A polar bear in the tundra region:

A tortoise in the desert

And an octopus in the ocean:

This Earth Day is particularly important because as many as 170 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change in a symbolic triumph for a landmark deal that once seemed unlikely but now appears on track to enter into force years ahead of schedule.

UN officials have said the signing ceremony will set a record for international diplomacy: Never before have so many countries inked an agreement on the first day of the signing period. As for Google, the search giant that always honours noted events, celebrations and personalities from across the globe, has been 'doodling' Earth Day for a while now.

Here are some of its breathtaking doodles:




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