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Hyderabad Techie Commits Suicide After Self-Made App Fails To Take Off

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TELANGANA -- A 33-year-old software engineer took the drastic step of ending his life by inhaling nitrogen gas at his house in S.R. Nagar area of Hyderabad yesterday, after a social networking application that he developed failed to take off.

In the suicide note, the techie said he decided to inhale nitrogen gas to end his life without any pain.

The victim, Lucky Gupta Agarwal, was a resident of Swarna Plaza Apartment in D.K. Road, Ameerpet.

Lucky's father Ashik Kumar Agarwal, a businessman, grew suspicious yesterday afternoon as his son did not wake up at his usual time.

As Lucky did not respond to repeated knocking, the family members forcibly opened the bedroom door and found him lying dead wearing a nose mask connected to a nitrogen gas cylinder.

The police found a suicide note in the bedroom. Lucky wrote in the suicide note that he was lucky to die in a painless way.

He also wrote that he adopted the suicide method of using nitrogen as it was the easiest and painless way.

The police seized a three-feet-long nitrogen cylinder with a pipe connected to the face mask. He had purchased the Nitrogen cylinder on 17 March.

The police also found that a few days prior to his death, Lucky has done ample online research on 'how to commit suicide without pain'.

His body was shifted for post-mortem and a case of suspicious death was registered under section 174 of the CrPC.

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