21/04/2016 3:25 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Dosa Master Batters Chutney Master To Death

Kevin Clogstoun via Getty Images
Dosa being made on the street at a food stall, Punducherry, Tamil Nadu.

A 42-year-old cook at a restaurant in Chennai killed his colleague by throwing a sack of rice at him, reports Times Of India.

On Monday night, Muruganantham, who specialized in making dosas and was therefore called 'dosa master' got into a quarrel with Arumugam, 52, the 'chutney master'. Both of them worked at an eatery on Anwar Sahib Street in Chepauk.

They stayed in a room on the first floor of the eatery.

A drunk Muruganantham forced Arumugam to have food when the latter was chopping onions to make sambar and chutney at 1:30 am on Monday. Soon a quarrel erupted between them and Arumugam attacked Muruganantham with a knife.

The restaurant owner interfered and asked Arumugam to leave the hotel.

He came back the next day in the afternoon and slept at his usual place.

When an enraged Muruganantham spotted him, he first tried to strangle Arumugam to death. He then lifted a 75kg rice bag and threw it on Arumugam's head killing him at the spot.

Muruganantham has been arrested and is in judicial custody now.