21/04/2016 5:41 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

These Chutney Recipes Will Keep Your Tongue Tingling For Months

Facebook/ Shah Anupama

The right chutney can make or break a dish. Seriously, any dish, not just samosas or tikkis (you haven’t lived till you’ve eaten cheese toast with chilli chutney). While most people restrict themselves to fairly safe mint/coriander/tamarind/coconut variations, they are barely scratching the surface. Chutneys can range from savoury to tart, sweet to spicy, chunky to smooth, raw to cooked, and can be made of ingredients as diverse as peanuts, pineapples and pumpkins.

A certain Anupama Shah's recent Facebook post unveils the chutney’s many avatars. She has posted 29 recipes of the yummiest looking chutneys, all of which can be easily prepared at home. With these chutneys in your arsenal, you’ll never have a bland meal ever again.

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