20/04/2016 3:50 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Shock Clock, A Band That Zaps You If You're Thinking Of Sending A Text To Your Ex


It's very likely that in the morning you don't feel like waking up until it's right down to the choice of either staying in or losing your job. A company has invented a device will kick you right out of the bed with jolts of electricity.

Pavolk, the company behind a new shock band, says it doesn't only help you wake up on time, but can also help you break bad habit in just 5 days. For alarms, you can set a time and the band will beep, vibrate or zap. You can choose all of them together as well.

The makers introduce you to the app with audio sessions after you choose the habit you want to break. The shock clock band works on sensors and apps. For example, if you walk into a KFC store it will remind you to exercise more. If you are going to text your ex, it will zap you.

The company is working on IFTTT integration so you can relate your reminder from weather to news to emails. The Shock Clock band also tracks your sleeping patterns. It informs your friends as well if you have not woken up on time so they can zap you. The band is available at $125 from their IndieGoGo page.

There have been many weird solutions to avoid snoozing. There is a bomb alarm clock that you have to defuse within certain time otherwise a loud siren will go off. And there is an app which calls your ex in case you don't wake up on time!

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