20/04/2016 3:39 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

WATCH: Desi Superheroes Grapple With Moms, Bais And Autowalas

Vuclip Studios/ YouTube

Every 90s’ kid was fascinated with the first superhero of India -- Shaktimaan. Every Sunday noon was spent in front of our TV sets with Shaktimaan taking down enemies in an epic battle with amusing special effects. Shaktimaan, despite its popularity, ended in the year 2005. Sorry Shaktimaan!


The next year, 2006, we saw a ray of hope in Krrish but he somehow lacked the aura of a superhero and ended up dancing more than saving the troubled world. And since then, we Indians have been in search of a superhero. Fortunately, some do lurk among us and we can see them if we look hard enough.

A YouTube channel—Vuclip Studios— has a hilarious take on desi superheroes living in traditional Indian homes, heroically taking on daily struggles.

There are evil masterminds. And then there's mom.

indian superheroes

All the Hulk needs is some yoga.

indian superheroes

The dark rider.

indian superheroes


indian superheroes

Watch the entire video here and feel for our desi superheroes.

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