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This Website Tells You Who'll Die Next In ‘Game Of Thrones'

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If you watch the show Game Of Thrones, you know that characters are killed off on a regular basis. With the next season of the show starting on 24 April, viewers are already doing guesswork on who’ll be next to kick the bucket. Now, you can make a more informed bet thanks to a website that predicts death in the show based on data.

Students from Technical University of Munich have built the website, called ‘A Song Of Ice and Fire’ to reveal interesting stats including the likelihood of death of a character. The website uses various sources as Game of Throne wikis and Twitter to form an algorithm to perform the analysis.

The website has over 2000 GoT characters listed with information such as title, house, the likelihood of death, locations travelled, what people say about the character on Twitter and so on.

According to the website, Jon Snow who receives the most positive mentions on social media followed by Hodor and Tyrion Lannister. Grey Worm is the most hated character followed by Theon Greyjoy and Walder Frey. You can explore more stats like the most dangerous house and top survivors on the website.

A report from The Guardian says, men are more likely to play noble characters, whereas women are more likely to play peasants—but are also less likely to be killed off. According to the Munich team’s algorithm, the likelihood of death stands at 33% for men and 23% for women.

Recently, the makers posted a 360-degree video of the Game of Thrones title song with an interactive map on Facebook, earning words of praise from Mark Zuckerberg himself. Also, there is an unofficial fantasy league of GoT as well.

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