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Cock Matches To Campa: 31 Vintage Indian Print Ads From Before You Were Even Born

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If you grew up in the 90s, you would remember some of the nicest advertisements on Doordarshan channel with jingles that have remained with you till today. Some of those ads are easy to recall instantly because of their popularity.

Bajaj Scooter, Dhara refined oil and Dairy Milk were part of our everyday lives. Before the explosion of TV ads, there were the vintage print ads from the last century that sold scooters, hair oil and cigarettes.

Old Indian Ads is a website that has successfully preserved high-resolution photos of such epic print ads so that generations to come can have a glimpse of Indian consumerism in the 60s and 70s.

Here are some of them.

1. When Taj had no Tabla player!

2. Independence would've brought a shine already.

3. That's half the cab fare to airport today. Sigh.

4. That era advertised health drinks, booze and even cigarettes.

5. Settling stomachs since 1960.

6. Bring the old days back, someone!

7. Sachin, is that you?

8. Amul has been playing with words since forever.

9. Waaaaay ahead of its time.

10. Main scooter Luna?

11. Every mom had this.

12. World tour in 9430 bucks. Are you kidding me?

13. Neat.

14. Ah the engine sound is still very fresh in our ears.

15. Back when smoking was considered cool.

16. Hey! What's soap?

17. Independence in choosing your breakfast in colonial India.

18. Bring it back, please?

19. Independence Parle humne!

20. Selling daaru back then? No problem!

21. Andaz Apna Apna comes to the mind when you see a moped.

22. That is a Liril controversial.

23. Daag acche hain.

24. No wonder it's ban upset many.

25. That's hilarious.

26. Bikers rejoice.

27. Sounds so wrong.

28. Washable condoms what.

29. Umm.

30. Truly elegant.

31. 6 bucks for a room at Taj? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

For the entire album, check out the page here: Old Indian Ads

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