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These Gorgeous Photos Show The Evolution Of Trichinopoly To Tiruchirapalli Over The Years

Facebook/ India Royal Families

In his ongoing attempt to showcase Royal India through his Facebook page India Royal Families, Sir John Martin Thomas, an overseas Indian citizen recently came across some beautiful illustrations and pictures of Trichinopoly or Tiruchirapalli as it is now known.

“The city has not changed much from the past… it still continues with the same way of life. The only difference is that the demographic explosion has made it more congested than it was,” he wrote to HuffPost India.

The city at present

Sir Thomas who generally sticks to covering families on the page, claimed the city caught his eye because of its rich history. “It is believed to be one of the oldest inhabited regions in Southern India, with its recorded history going right back to the 3rd century BC when it was under the rule of the Cholas,” he said.

“The city has also been ruled by the Pandyas, Pallavas, Vijayanagar Empire, Nayak Dynasty the Carnatic State and the British – in fact it played a critical role in the Carnatic Wars (1746 -1763) between the British and the French East India companies.

Blast from the past

A view of Tiruchirapalli

Aerial view of Tiruchirapalli

An important educational centre in Tamil Nadu, the city quietly guards its precious historical edifices.

The Milan-based OCI who was knighted in Rome and dabbles in Italian politics, dedicates his efforts to save Indian heritage edifices in the country. He has started the Facebook page to “reinstall the self respect and pride amongst our fellow Indians.”

Here are some beautiful photos that promise a trip down the city's rich past.

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