19/04/2016 5:02 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

Sreesanth 'Blocks' His Voters After They Give Him Geography Lesson For Calling Kerala A City


When former cricketer Sreesanth decided to be a politician, he probably wasn't expecting this. In a country where cricketers are nearly worshipped, one doesn't know what it is to be a politician until you are on the other side of the court.

On Monday, Sreesanth, now a BJP candidate from Thiruvananthapuram took to Twitter to share his thoughts on his vision for the state Kerala. Unfortunately for Sreesanth, he called it a city. He could blame sleep or just a badly framed tweet, but of course Twitteratti wouldn't spare him.

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He tweeted: “The change is must in Kerala Nd Iam sure It will happen this time..we can be worlds best city if we all work together.”

Immediately, the trolling began. And, Sreesanth was subjected to some Geography lessons.

But Sreesanth wasn't too happy with this. So, what did he do? He started blocking people.

Though he tried to clarify later, but the damage was already done.

That wasn't all. Meanwhile, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted out an interview of Sreesanth with NDTV.

In the interview, when Sreesanth was asked why people should not choose V. S. Sivakumar, the Congress candidate from his constituency, his response was, "I am not trying to be a politician, but I don't want to say anything now."

After a bit of perusal, the anchor tells Sreesanth, "Maybe a little bit more research would be in order."


Tough times, Sreesanth, tough times.

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