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This Photo Series Of Celebrity Dads With Their Daughters Perfectly Capture The Timeless Bond

Courtesy Khushii

One hundred and twenty five Indian celebrity dads have posed with their daughters in a captivating photo series to help raise money for education of the girl child in India. The photos have been captured by some of India’s best photographers, including Dabboo Ratnani, Jatin Kampani and Amit Pasricha.

Khushii, a Delhi-based NGO that works towards women's empowerment, is part of the project that showcases the emotional bond.

Working in collaboration with Kapil Dev, the organisation has involved fathers and daughters from across the country and different walks of life, including South Indian superstars Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu, as well as noted designer Nirav Modi, singer and composer Javed Akhtar with Zoya Akhtar, and Mahesh Bhatt with Alia Bhatt.

"Timeless Portraits of Love is a unique endeavour by KHUSHII to capture a moment of time for eternity. The Coffee Table book features portraits of some of the most eminent fathers with their daughters shot by the country’s renowned photographers. Each page in the book, is story of a father's love for his daughter, each photograph capture the quiet gleam of an abiding relationship, in turn inspire other fathers of daughters who might till date imagine they have been burdened by fate. This book is sure to bring joy to daughters far beyond those who grace its pages. At Khushii, we continue the relentless pursuit of our goal of educating girl children and gender equality," said ex-cricketer Kapil Dev.

Here’s a sneak peek at those photos.

  • Chiranjeevi with Sreeja and Sushmitha
    Chiranjeevi with Sreeja and Sushmitha
    Courtesy Khushii
    "For me, education is very important, I believe education includes studying the world around you, and there is no end to educating one self. I also add to it by conversing with Sushmitha and Sreeja, developing their personality, and most important, reminding them to give as much or more than they take." – Chiranjeevi, Indian film actor turned politician
  • Javed Akhtar and Zoya
    Javed Akhtar and Zoya
    Courtesy Khushii
    "All through their growing up years, I have let no difference show between Farhan and Zoya. I never thought to fit them into their gender roles. Maybe it is the fact that I am surrounded by strong women that influenced me to give Zoya full rein. Zoya has bloomed in the air of independence, and if today she is recognised as a creative thinking, sensitive director." - Javed Akhtar, poet, lyricist and scriptwriter
  • Kailash Kanoria and Sangita Jindal
    Kailash Kanoria and Sangita Jindal
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Sangita was always the darling of the house. There is nothing she and I don't share; she has always been privy to everything about my business and family. We share a close interest in art and artists. I ​ ​am​ ​proud to see how she has helped make the new Jindal office at BKC into the cynosure of all eyes. ​Also ​what I truly admire​ ​about her is​ ​how she gives her time to so many people, is always willing to support a cause and has a ready ear for everyone's problems." - Kailash Kanoria, honorary consul of Morocco
  • Kapil Dev and Amiya
    Kapil Dev and Amiya
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Amiya brought something into my life that was not there before she came into it. My daughter made me feel proud of her, and made me aware that she was the center of our world and I was secondary to her in my own life. To me she has ​always ​been my baby. She is older now and ​is a young woman who knows her mind, and I am quickly learning to let her guide me about how the younger generation thinks, and acts." – Kapil Dev, former cricketer
  • Sadhguru and Radhe Jaggi
    Sadhguru and Radhe Jaggi
    Courtesy Khushii
    "I never saw myself as responsible for ‘bringing Radhe up’. There was just a bit of cultivation – most of it long distance! I simply made sure she had a balanced exposure to Nature and different people. We share a certain spirit of inclusiveness. Since her childhood, she has been exposed to the poorest and the wealthiest of people. She doesn’t discriminate on the basis of background." – Sadhguru, yogi turned author
  • Suniel Shetty and Athiya
    Suniel Shetty and Athiya
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Athiya's birth was a life changing experience for me; I learnt respect. For me, as with many men, my mother was the be all and end all of everything and was alone, among women, worthy of my respect. I never imagined I would watch my daughter being born, but I did, and from that moment, I put my wife too on the same pedestal as my mother." – Suniel Shetty, Indian actor
  • Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt
    Mahesh Bhatt and Alia Bhatt
    Courtesy Khushii
    "What I admire about dad, and how we are similar is actually the samething. We both have amazing willpower. Once we set our heart on something, we do everything we can to achieve it. I think I inherited this quality from him." - Alia Bhatt, Indian actor
  • Mahesh Babu and Sitara
    Mahesh Babu and Sitara
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Sitara is the star of our world. At times when Sitara and I are at home and free, I am roped in then to watch movies with her. Girlie stuff like Barbie or her new favourite, Frozen... It is not really my cup of tea, but I watch as it makes her happy." – Mahesh Babu, South Indian actor
  • Aman Nath and Aadya
    Aman Nath and Aadya
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Kindness, compassion, politeness come naturally to my Aadya; to this she adds her own sense of generosity. From a very early age, she loved to share all she had and even give away her toys, clothes, games without any goading." – Aman Nath, hotelier
  • Nirav Modi with Apasha and Ananya
    Nirav Modi with Apasha and Ananya
    Courtesy Khushii
    "I would like to see my daughters grow up with strong values dinned with attributes like tenacity, resilience, courage and ability to work hard among other things." - Nirav Modi, jewellery designer
  • Uday Shankar and Apoorva
    Uday Shankar and Apoorva
    Courtesy Khushii
    "Apoorva is my most authentic window to the younger generation, which seems to have, despite our belief that they are not serious about anything, seriousness, depth, and lateral views on so many issues, rather than being rootless wonders. Apoorva symbolizes a generation whose connect with India is International in approach. It can only mean good things for the country's future." – Uday Shankar, CEO Star India

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