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9 More Hilarious Videos Of Indians Losing It On Their Wedding Day

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Gujarati groom with a headdress making a face

If you remember reading our story ”They Regret Nothing! 5 Hilarious Videos Of Indians Losing It On Their Wedding Day”, and falling off your chair in splits, gear up for more:

We're back with nine hilarious wedding videos that could set off nightmares in every to-be couple. Lungi mishaps, temperamental shaadi horses, and even a battle of swords between a newlywed couple… clearly, there’s nothing that can get as spectacularly messed up as a wedding.

Watch, laugh and pray this never happens to you!

This groom's clearly got a serious case of the feels. His bride does not.

They could have 'tied the knot' a little tighter.

This one needs some yoga lessons.

May the better half win.

He's all about flashing when it comes to cameras.

Make a note to uninvite overzealous relatives!

Runaway dulha?

Let's just say this bride wasn't made to feel very welcome...

It doesn't take a genius to figure out why his dulhan is missing.

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