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WATCH: Telangana Woman Cooks Eggs On Sun-Scorched Floor


As the scalding heat wave sweeps across central and south India, one Telangana woman has found a way to benefit from it. Yes, you heard that right - she had found a way to profit from the scorching, killer heat. And that is by saving on cooking fuel.

In a video released by ANI, a woman from Karimnagar in Telangana is seen boiling and frying eggs on a stone porch. Yeah, it is that hot in Telangana.

The video starts with showing a woman dressed in a blue, calmly beating eggs, completely unflustered by the heat, She then pours the mixture on her clean stone porch. It's hard to believe, but the eggs actually get perfectly fried! In fact, the woman flips the egg over to reveal how nicely it has cooked through.

With temperatures climbing above 45 degrees in parts of India, people are trying various ways to beat the heat.

An article in Deccan Chronicle says that many people are now resorting to carrying onions in their pockets to keep their bodies cool.

"It is believed that onions will help stabilise body temperatures and protect one from sunstroke. And thanks to a fall in onion prices, believers are now buying the vegetable in kilos while moving about outside during the day," says the article.

According to Indian Meteorology Department, the weather is going to be dry at isolated places over Telangana and most places.

Heat wave has already claimed 35 lives in Telangana, prompting the state government to issue alerts in all districts to take precautionary measures to minimise its impact.

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