14/04/2016 3:36 PM IST | Updated 15/07/2016 8:26 AM IST

A Shiv Sena MLA Held Up A Train For An Hour Because He Got A Side Berth


For some lawmakers in our country, it's their way or highway.

On Wednesday night, more than 2,000 passengers were made to wait inside a train for nearly an hour, thanks to Shiv Sena MLA Hemant Patil and his aide's tantrum.

The MLA from Nanded held up the Devgiri Express at CST on Wednesday night because he was allotted a 'side' berth in a second AC coach. Demanding a seat of his choice, Patil pulled the chain several times, ensuring the train didn't move from the platform, causing inconvenience to all the passengers.

The Secunderabad bound train was scheduled to depart at 9.10 pm, but left only at 10.06 pm.

According to Mumbai Mirror, the ruckus also delayed two other long-distance trains - the CST-Mangalore Express, and the Siddheshwar Express (to Solapur) by more than 15 minutes.

General manager, Central Railway, Sunil Kumar, has said he will institute an inquiry into the incident.

"Netaji and his men held up the train for almost an hour, which is a serious offence under the Railway Act. Every time the train moved ahead, netaji and his supporters kept pulling the chain," a senior Railway official told DNA.

"If a regular passenger had made such a scene, he would have been hauled off to jail.Why are elected representatives allowed to get away with such behaviour?," told one of the passengers to Times Of India.

The special 2nd AC coach had been recently added to the packed Devgiri Express, to accommodate the VIPs departing for their respective constituencies. But clearly, that's not enough for our leaders.

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