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Rahul Raj Singh's Ex Saloni Sharma Admits To Hitting Pratyusha Banerjee, Says The Late Actress Got Violent 'First'


There's no denying the fact that the Pratyusha Banerjee case is getting murkier by the day.

While Rahul Raj Singh has been booked for abetting Banerjee's suicide (the Balika Vadhu actress was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her apartment on April 1), he is yet to be arrested. According to ABP News, the Bombay High Court, which heard Rahul’s pre-arrest bail plea, restrained the police from arresting him on a surety of ₹30,000 and directed him to attend the police station everyday till April 18.

However, Saloni Sharma, Singh's ex-girlfriend who had been in news for allegedly creating a ruckus at Singh's residence and harassing the couple, has now given an interview to Mumbai Mirror addressing the allegations of assault.

Rahul Raj Singh's ex-girlfriend Saloni Sharma

In the report, Sharma has said that she met Rahul five years ago through a common friend and they started two event management companies. "We started dating only in the last three years of our association," the actress-turned-entrepreneur told the newspaper.

She further added that Rahul started two-timing her with Banerjee, a fact that she wasn't aware of until recently. "He started dating her in May 2015 and I only discovered this in July through a few industry friends. When I went to his place to confront him, an inebriated Pratyusha barged in later and told me to get out of their lives. We had a huge argument after which I left them alone," Sharma said.

I didn't think it's in good taste to talk ill of the dead. But after these allegations I had no option but to speak up.

She even goes on to call Banerjee the 'other woman' in Singh's life but adds that when she saw Banerjee's parents with Singh at their apartment one day, she decided it was time to move on and broke up with him, keeping in touch only for business.

It was during one such business-related meeting, where Sharma had gone to collect her share of the money, when the assault happened. Sharma said, "Pratyusha refused to give me any money and turned violent, urging Rahul to join her in assaulting me. They threw me out of the house. She even took my purse, dupatta and glasses, so I asked the neighbours for help. I banged on the door and Pratyusha eventually opened it wearing my dupatta. She returned my stuff and I left."

She claimed that Rahul chased after her and in a moment of rage, she hit him in the building's lobby. "Pratyusha followed and then I hit her too."

Sensing that she's talking about a person, who isn't here to defend herself, Sharma said, "I didn't think it's in good taste to talk ill of the dead. But after these allegations I had no option but to speak up."

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