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Karan Johar Shut A Twitter User Up When He Asked Him If He Was 'Straight' Or 'Homo'

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Director Karan Johar attends a news conference to promote his movie

Karan Johar's sexual orientation has been a topic of discussion since, uh, well, as long as we can remember.

Plenty of jokes were directed at him during the now infamous AIB Roast, which the director took sportingly and even added to (remember "That's my position, Ranveer"?)

However, when a Twitter user asked him upfront about his sexuality during a Q&A session that the director conducted on the microblogging site, Johar, who's known for his razor-sharp wit, had an appropriate response.

This was how he shut down a Twitter user with the handle @rtcno1, who asked him whether he was 'straight' or "homo":

Johar, who recently produced Kapoor & Sons: Since 1921, has never publicly spoken about his sexual preferences but routinely takes on bullies who mock homosexuality, or talk about it in a condescending manner.

Online trolls often use the lack of any link-ups surrounding Johar and women as conclusive proof of his homosexuality. So far, he's maintained a stoic silence on the issue, other than this one time he told Harper's Bazaar India that if he were interested in dating women, close friend Kareena Kapoor Khan would be his first choice.

Here are some of the other interesting things Johar said in the Twitter chat that he calls, well, #KoffeewithKaran.

On his favourite 'movement'

Overrated honesty

On self-awareness

What a pun, what a pun/Aaya fun, aaya fun

On female attention (or lack thereof)

And finally, on the video everyone's talking about

Never stop being yourself, KJo.

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