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Panchayat Decides That Families Of Girls Who Wear Jeans Will Be Boycotted

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MEERUT, INDIA - APRIL 2: Young generation specially girls opted for western trend of wearing jeans, residing in a small town of the city on April 2, 2014 in Meerut, India. (Photo by Priyanka Parashar/Mint via Getty Images)

BAGHPAT -- A village panchayat here has decided to boycott the families of girls who wear "jeans and tight clothes".

"At a panchayat held in Bawli village, it has been decided that girls should not wear jeans and tight clothes. If any girl wears such clothes, her family would be boycotted," village head's husband, Omveer told reporters.

The panchayat also asked villagers to pledge not to take or receive dowry and opposed playing of DJs in marriages. It also came out against female foeticide.

Any family which does not adhere to these decisions would be boycotted, he said.

The Panchayat has also said that no one should attend "Terhvi" (a ceremony to mark the final day of mourning after death) and have food there.

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