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Teenager Attends Classes, Gives Board Exams Despite Two Months Of Rape & Torture

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Delhi witnessed mass protests after gang rape of 22year old paramedic student in December 2012 and 5 year old child in Arpril 2013.

NEW DELHI -- The Indian Express today reported on a Dalit teenager who showed unbelievable fortitude while caught in a horrific cycle of sexual abuse and torture in Thiruvananthapuram.

The 15-year-old attended classes and gave her Class X board exams even while she was being raped, tortured and blackmailed by several men over a period of two months.

In the first instance, the teenager was allegedly raped by an auto-rickshaw driver and his friend, who filmed the crime on their cellphones, and threatened to put the video on the Internet if she spoke out against them.

“The two of them raped, tortured the girl by turns – and both filmed it on their cellphone. They showed her the video and warned her that the videos would be put out on social media if she told anything about the sexual abuse,” a police official told The Indian Express.

In the two months which followed the first instance of rape, she was allegedly abused at least 10 times by several men, mostly at the home of the auto rickshaw driver, Aamir, the newspaper reported.

“At times there were multiple men, if she tried to fight back, they forced her to smoke ganja in bidi or forced liquor down her throat,” a source at the rescue home told The Indian Express.

A source at the counseling centre told the newspaper that cigarette burn marks were found on her private parts.

While Aamir is on the run, his friend, Anoop Shah, and eight other men have been arrested. The teenager was rescued a week ago.

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